The moment you launch your generative NFT project, you’ve accomplished a huge feat:

You’ve released 10,000+ unique—and therefore collectible—pieces of art onto a blockchain on the worldwide web!

The hard work you’ve put into creating something you’re immensely proud of? It has paid off, and your dream of becoming an NFT artist is realized.

That said, there’s much more to a successful generative NFT project than meets the eye—especially if your goal is to sell out (or get close).

If you’ve ever started a blog before, you’ll know that “if you build it, they will come” isn’t the recipe for traffic and generating a following.

And, if you don’t have a solid NFT marketing strategy and mission in place, the project will get very few sales (and who wants that?)

Even if you’re a stellar artist, you need to build an audience to make your generative NFTs spread like wildfire, so people all over the world will see what you’ve created and want to become a part of your growing community.

There’s a lot of effort, time, and strategy involved in building an online community.

And that’s where we help you!

Our talented team makes NFT marketing approachable, so you can lay the groundwork for a highly anticipated drop.

We also are starting to offer NFT marketing services to take more of these steps off your plate. As our agency continues to grow, we’ll provide more and more marketing to support our clients’ projects (and we can’t wait!). For now, we offer guidance on what has and hasn’t worked well on other NFT projects as you build your community. 

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A Few NFT Marketing Tips

(1) It’s vital to have a website that shares information about your project, as well as the mission behind it (many times called your Road Map). A Road Map allows potential buyers to get to know more about your plans for your project, plans for the community you’re building, and how they can benefit in myriad ways by joining your community and collecting one (or more!) of your NFTs.

(2) Establish social media accounts (and ensure they point to your website… and that your website points to them!). 

We recommend Discord and Twitter most of all, yet Instagram and Facebook can also help.

(3) Stay active and connect. Use your social media accounts constructively to foster genuine relationships! Talk with your followers, text with them, and brainstorm fun ways to interact (Discord is especially useful for those creative interactions).

Remember: Just blasting pics and messages about your drop isn’t enough. People want to know about you, your project, and how they can be a part of your community.

Could you use NFT marketing solutions—and a full-fledged generative NFT team?

Ask us to help (we’re currently offering guidance only, until our marketing team is created and trained to best help you succeed)!

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