When you mix art and technology, what do you get?

For the world, this combination birthed NFTs, and now, NFTs created with generative code.

For us, that combination birthed Generative NFTs, the premier generative NFT agency.

It’s a force beyond our generative art, our agency, and even our imagination. It’s something you feel on a visceral level, rather than a mental one. 

Everything started with curiosity.

As NFTs made with generative code were just being discovered, Jim Dee’s curiosity and determination to understand this strange new world, coupled with his web development skills and passion for art, birthed what is now Generative NFTs!

From Jim’s foray into creating generative NFTs (with NFTuxedo Cats, which are for sale!) to today’s constant stream of new inquiries, our agency has already come a long way. We work tirelessly to strategize, facilitate, and launch successful generative NFT projects (hence our name :) as a talented, enthusiastic team.

People might not “get” NFTs when they hear about it.

Which is perfectly understandable, of course!

They might say something like:

Wait, why can’t I just take a screenshot of the art instead of buying an NFT?

At first, this might sound like a lot of gobbledegook: NFT Smart Contracts. 

But soon, it’ll all make sense :)

Let’s break it down piece by piece:

NFT: This stands for non-fungible token. Fundamentally, this means a token that you can’t replace—it’s unique. There’s a lot more to learn from there, though. (This explanation from Ethereum.org is a great resource.)

Are you new to the NFT frontier?


A reassuring fact: Everyone is in (roughly) the same situation. 

This is the Wild West, and instead of a horse, saddle, and saloon, we’re equipped with art, code, blockchains, and OpenSea. :)