Project Name: Glitch Deck NFTs
Services Provided: Personal project of Jim's -- all artwork, animations, generative coding, smart contract creation, mint-on-demand integration, etc.
Generative Set Size: 8,100 NFTs
Blockchain: ETH
Drop Date: Feb. 21, 2023 (Feb. 14 for DoD holders)
Drop Price per Mint: 0.042 ETH
Project Links:  Mint | Web | Twitter
Smart Contract:  0x4149bc40D03aFa3CE559FD2BFA321d437390D675

Glitch Deck NFTs is an historic, pioneering art NFT project spanning 8,100 unique, generated, animated playing cards, stored on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. The animations feature many dynamic traits (not simply moving traits, but traits that appear / move differently each time they appear), all themed around gaming, pop-culture, and tech. The set incorporates modified AI imagery as well as hand-drawn, custom-designed, custom-coded traits. The combined final files for this project will total ~90GB, which could make it the largest, most complex generative NFT set ever (requiring more than a solid *week* of processing to render)! Don't miss your chance to hold one or more of these glitch-art collectibles. Allow-list minting begins February 14, 2023. Public mint starts February 22.